Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kayla Biggs

Not sure if you've spotted a trend here. I do a lot of posts about ebony girls with really huge cocks. What can I tell you? They seem like fun girls to me. Case in point: Kayla Biggs, ''noted TS adult film star,'' is my type of girl: tall, dark, and hung like a goddamn baseball bat. I definitely want to be on the business end of that massive serpent when it goes off. Not much else can be said except she's fine as fuck and I hope one day I will be locked in a hotel room with her, kneeling before her like her humble sex slave, heart racing like a nervous school boy.

Here's a VIDEO, which should have been filmed in 3-D, but it's still good in plain old 2-D. And here's her AD. If I ever get up the courage to go see her, I'll report back here with all the salacious drippy details. Oh YEAH.

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